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How to Store Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

A barista making a latte.

People often wonder why the coffee they make at home does not taste as good as the coffee they get at bakeries and coffee shops. The simple answer is that the freshly roasted coffee beans that they buy are no longer fresh after they take them home and leave them in the cabinets for days. However, there is a way to preserve the freshness of freshly roasted coffee beans. Here are some tips on how to store freshly roasted coffee beans after you purchase them from a bakery, coffee shop, or grocery store.


Keep Beans Airtight and Cool: Do not throw your freshly roasted coffee beans in the cabinet, instead find some airtight, opaque containers to pour your coffee beans into. This will keep your beans cool and keep light off them, which will diminish the flavor of your beans.


Freeze Your Beans: The ideal way to freeze your freshly roasted coffee beans is to split them into bags that will last you about two weeks at a time. From there, you will vacuum seal the bags so there is no extra air in them and place them in your freezer. It is important to make sure the bags are airtight so that no extra oxygen stays in them. Any small amount of air in the bags of beans can cause them to go bad.


Keep the Beans Dry: If your freshly roasted coffee beans get wet, they will need to be thrown out. When coffee beans get wet, they absorb the moisture then after a couple of hours, mold will start growing in them. 

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